Our Community - Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association is a sub group of our school council and is designed to co ordinate fun activies for our children to participate in.  At the beginning of the year notes are sent home seeking your assistance with the various projects we have planned. If you indicate that you are able to help with a project, a co-ordinator will contact you as this event approaches.

In 1986 a “Freezer Bank” was implemented. Parents supply a casserole or soup to a family in the school community who is experiencing difficulties eg. One parent is ill and there is no family to help, a death in the family.  

CANTEEN Students may order their lunch on Fridays by writing their order on a brown paper bag and enclosing the correct money (if possible) in an envelope or a plastic sandwich ziplock bag and placed in the brown paperbag. The bag and envelope are placed in the classroom basket provided by 9 am. The baskets are then collected and the orders placed. The orders are delivered to the school and a student from each class will then take the basket back to the classroom.

ICY POLES In terms 1 & 4 each year our senior students sell icy poles at the beginning of each lunch time. All monies raised go towards off setting the cost of their Grade 6 camps.

SCHOOL CALENDAR Every year our school will provide you with a calendar of events planned for the following 12 months. This is a great resource, but is by no means entirely comprehensive. It is published in December each year so some dates may shift due to circumstances beyond the control of our school