Our Community - School Council

Our school has a body of people who accept the responsibility of helping our school maintain high standards, both spiritually and scholastically. This body is called the School Council and consists of six elected people, plus representatives from the staff, Parents and Friends Association, plus the Principal and Parish Priest. Elected members come to the Board after being nominated by people in the school community. Once elected, they serve a two year term and are eligible for renomination for a further term, if they so wish. The Board meets at least twice per term.

The main concerns of the Board are:

• Policy Making

• Finance

• Staffing

• Pastoral Care and Community

• Resourcing the School

The current Board members are: Jack Lenaghan Principal, Leanne Klahsen Chairperson, Zoe Barren Deputy Chairperson, Jeremy Richardson Staff Representative/Secretary, Claire McConachy Parents & Friends Association, Fr. Michael O’Toole Parish Priest, Emmalie Cain Business Manager, Ian Seuren, Simone Hay, Paul Millar, Rachel Amos-Ritchie Council Members. All Council members trust that you and your child/ren can find all that you need in our ‘school family’. We welcome you to Sacred Heart School.