Curriculum - Mathematics

The dimensions of our Maths program are number, space, measurement, chance and data, working mathematically and structure (algebra – introduced in Gr 3). The Mathematics Program aims to enable all children to:

  • acquire mathematical skills and knowledge so that they can deal confidently, positively and competently with daily life
  • Interpret and communicate mathematical ideas
  • Recognise the fundamentals of mathematics in everyday life
  • Understand the role of mathematics in social and technological change

As with English, our class teachers carefully monitor each child’s individual knowledge, strengths and challenges in Maths throughout the year to enable us to meet the children’s needs in this important area of the curriculum.

Maths “Interviews” are carried out at the end of each year, by the child’s teacher for the following year. These interviews enable us to successfully monitor children’s progress, report accurate information to parents and tailor our teaching to meet the needs of children.