Curriculum - Humanities

Humanities may be broken into 3 areas: Economics, Geography and History, however in Grades Prep to 4, particularly, these subjects are incorporated into the general Humanities domain.

In Years Prep to 4, students are introduced to history in local and familiar contexts such as the family and the local community as well as stories and key events which introduce them to events in the far past. In Years 5 & 6 students become more complex thinkers and begin to develop independent inquiry skills. They are introduced to events in Australia and their region and a broader sweep of human history.

In Years Prep to 4, students are introduced to geography through their own experiences to help them understand the world around them. Students develop their spatial awareness through a consideration of the local community, the different groups in society and their place in one or more groups. By seeing and hearing about other places outside their experience, their sense of curiosity and wonder leads them to consider how and why other places are different from their own.

In Years 5 & 6 with increasing cognitive development and experience, students begin to develop a breadth of understanding about natural processes and human activities beyond their immediate environment. They develop an expanded understanding of Australia and the region of which Australia is a part – the Asia-Pacific. Students are introduced to economic knowledge and the nature of economic thinking by making observations about their world and their interactions with it. They explore how their needs (for example, food, clothing, shelter) and wants (for example, a skateboard, an electronic game) are met. They also identify resources (land, minerals, labour, machinery) used at home, at school and in the local community and describe how some of these resources are used to meet particular needs.

In Years 5 & 6 students develop further knowledge of economic concepts learned in Years Prep to Year 4. The relevance of economics is illustrated and reinforced through examples drawn from personal, local and national experience.