Curriculum - Information and Communications Technology

The use of technologies at Sacred Heart School is to enhance the learning process in a supportive school environment. The school encourages students to become familiar with the use of various technologies including the Internet, to develop Information and Communication Technology skills.It is important for students to develop the skills necessary to become responsible, reliable and respectful users of technologies.

The school aims to provide easy access to computers so that each child may become conversant with computers in a variety of settings. As of 2015, all Grade 4, 5 & 6 students are issued their “own” Chromebook at the beginning of the year and a GAFE (Google Apps for Educaction) account. 

All classrooms use 65" Smart TV and Apple TV's as a crucial teaching resource. This technology allows computers to be used seamlessly as resources in our classrooms to complement and enhance our curriculum. Additionally every child, in all grades, will use Information and Communications Technologies to access information, as a teaching tool in all areas of the curriculum and as a contemporary means through which they might communicate what they have learnt. To facilitate this every classroom contains between 4 and 12 computers.

All children in Grades Prep to 2 will have access to iPads throughout the year.