Curriculum - Support Programs

Sacred Heart School has also developed a variety of Support Programs to supplement and assist with the implementation of our curriculum. The main ones are:

Our Library/Resource Centre has been established to provide an organised central resource where stimulating, current material is accessible to the whole school community. The primary aim is to offer quality services and support for all children through effective utilisation of resources and programs that support staff with the implementation of the school’s curricula. Each class from Grades Prep to Four has a time (one hour per fortnight) for specific Literature and Information Skills classes. At other times the library is available for children to browse, borrow and for research purposes. The borrowing process is computerised. Children now utilise this facility for accessing information and borrowing books.

Children in Grades 5 & 6 study Indonesian for 1 hour per week.

Our school recognises that all children are unique and that each child will have special needs. To this end we have established a Special Assistance Program which aims to assist those children who are identified by parents and teachers as requiring additional assistance so that they may grow to their fullest potential. A Special Assistance Co-ordinator and Student Support Group assists the classroom teacher to develop an individual program to meet the needs of such children. This program is closely monitored by the Co-ordinator and support team who also provide a variety of strategies and support mechanisms to ensure that the needs of these children are met. Parental permission is required before children can participate in any of the Special Assistance programs.

This program is available for children in their second year of schooling who may require some extra support in developing their literacy skills. The classroom teacher, in conjunction with the Reading Recovery Teacher, identify those children at the end of their first year of schooling and then discuss the Reading Recovery Program with the child’s parents. The aims and the procedure of the program are outlined and parents’ support is also sought. Children in the program are provided with intensive instruction for half an hour each day on a one on one basis for up to twenty weeks. The success of this program is outstanding but it does require support from parents.

Our school also offers support for those children who have difficulty with Maths. A specially trained teacher works with a group of 3 or 4 children for 3 hours per week in order to help these children consolidate concepts and processes that have proven difficult for these children in the past. As with all of our support programs parents must give us their permission before any child can participate in this program. In addition to the above we offer the following Literacy Support Programs which will involve children from Grades 1 to 6: “Rainbow Reading”, S.E.L.L. and “Bridges Across the Middle Years”. These are one to one programs offered throughout the school to accelerate children’s literacy skills.