Enrolments - Orientation

Prep teachers will visit kinders in Term 3 to meet the children who are to attend Sacred Heart. On orientation day (always the second Tuesday in December) all children attend school for one and a half hours between 11.30 am and 1 pm. Prep children will meet their “Buddies” on this day. The “Buddy” is a student who will be in Grade while your child is in Prep. The Buddy will be paired with your child for the year.

This buddy program has been very successful in terms of assisting with the Prep child’s transition into our community. It gives them an older friend who they may see and call on if need be in the playground particularly and also someone who they will meet in their classroom from time to time. Class groupings are decided following orientation. These groupings are based on information from parents and kindergarten teachers and our own observations. They are made with the best interests of all students and teachers and to ensure a balance of genders.

Parents are invited to attend a Parent Teacher meeting with their child’s teacher for the coming year. This is the ideal opportunity to raise any concerns you may have and to highlight any serious health issues that you child may suffer from. A Medical Alert form should be completed and given to the teacher at this meeting for conditions such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, anaphylactic reactions to allergies etc.