Enrolments - How do I apply for Enrolment?

The following procedure shall apply where enrolment is sought for the following academic year.

In the majority of cases this will be for Prep level.

  • Enrolment Application Forms and the Parent Information Book are available throughout the year by contacting the school office.
  • An introductory letter is made available through the four kindergartens during second term.
  • Applications for Enrolment are called for at this time. This may be done through the newsletter, local media and through directly contacting families who have siblings already at the school.
  • The Principal will conduct personal interviews and tours of the school at the convenience of both parties, should these be requested.
  • During Catholic Education Week, the school will conduct an Information Morning. Interested parents are invited to come, however we understand that this is not always possible.

Applications for enrolment in the following year's Prep classes will be due at the end of Catholic Education Week.

Completed Application Forms should be accompanied by: Baptism, Immunisation and Birth Certificates, (n.b. if your child has not been Baptised but one or both parents have been, a copy of the parent's Baptism certificate will be required.)

Enrolment Applications will be assessed according to the criteria as set out in the Enrolment Policy.

Once a decision has been reached regarding acceptance of an enrolment application a letter confirming this should be sent to parents this letter includes a slip accepting the school’s enrolment which parents should complete and return to the school.